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Psychic Life Coach

Albert Bowes

Albert offers a unique, scientifically proven service that has amazed and changed peoples lives. He offers readings both in person and over the phone.

An Ordained Minister and Certified Psychic from Cassadaga, Florida, Albert has a unique gift that allows him to develop a sincere empathy with his clients . He uses this gift to give people gentle but firm guidance into knowing themselves better.

Personal readings emphasize growth and self development, and the understanding of situations and relationships.

Readings have the potential to:

Improve your marital communications.

Resolve negative patterns in your life.

Enhance you career development.

Provide insight into the lives and behavior of friends, family, co-workers, employees.

Provide guidance for self-analysis, discovery and growth.

Better you understanding of people and events in your past including why they happened.

Find genealogical connections.



Albert was the subject of the the internationally published book “VISIONS OF TIME”, to make the world aware of the scientific possibilities for using psychic gifts. Albert’s gifts have been validated by double-blind testing by a University Professor in a four-year research project.

Albert’s work has included successful projects with NASA & the FBI, to working on academic projects, to finding missing persons and sunken ships.

He has worked with a wide variety of professionals, including Archeologists, Research Scientists, Detectives, Doctors, Surgeons, Oil Companies, and many other individuals, both professional and private.

He is the founder of The Society for Holistic Living, which advocates the incorporation of Body, Mind and Spirit, working toward completeness in life.

He has taught University level Parapsychology 1 & 2 for the University of Florida, and his Anthropology work is still being taught in Universities.

He was also a Project Manager and Lecturer for the Edgar Cayce Foundation also and their Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Albert also hosted a year-long TV show, “Society of Holistic Healing” on TV Channel 3, and has made appearances by invitation on “The Carol Nelson Show”, on WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando, and “PM MAGAZINE” WCPX Channel 6.

Albert was invited to Russia to study the paranormal, where he worked with a team of Psychics, Researchers and Scientists.

The journey that he considers to be the most life enhancing, was his trip to India to meet the famous Sai Baba.


Albert has been routinely sponsored on trips to utilize his knowledge and gifts in various research projects, to investigate diverse academic and humanitarian interests, and host documentaries.

Additionally, plans are currently in the works to set up a school to help others develop their own Psychic abilities.


How May I Help You?

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Psychic Readings

For over 30 years, Albert has developed his abilities to provide his clients with highly accurate readings.

He is available for both personal readings for individuals, as well as confidential research for government and non-profit agencies.

Personal readings are done by appointment at Albert’s home or by telephone. Please DO NOT tell him anything about any information you are seeking, during any conversation either prior to or during the reading. Once your reading is complete, you may discuss your information.

To get the most from a reading, preparation is vital.

Photographs, documents, and objects such as rings, watches, personal belongings, letters, etc., aid Albert in getting in touch with the information you seek.

Areas of help can include business affairs, locations or investments, and questions about directions for expansion and management.