The book Visions of Time was a product of over four years of parapsychology research by an internationally known anthropologist, Dr. David Jones. The research was prompted by the experience that Dr. Jones had with an Indian Shaman. 

   What he wanted to convince his peers was that you could put clairvoyants through extensive iron clad tests that could prove that Psychic Archeology was scientifically and practically useful. 

   He took a group of previously tested psychics and subjected them to an extensive group of tests, including placing a psychic in a sterile room with nothing more than a table and chair. A researcher would then pick out an undiagnosible object even to the trained eye. Then the object was handed to the subject and they would have to give a detailed description of where it came from and the culture it was from. All this was done without any answers to questions or prompts given by the researchers.  

   Another set of tests to satisfy the critics was an entirely "double blind" experiment. Where a researcher selected an artifact from the University of Florida's Museum. It was then suspended in cotton and sealed in a box. The person who sealed the box handed it to another student who was completely unaware of the object in the box or the researches purpose. The object was delivered to the psychic waiting in the sterile room. 

   Other Psychic skills tested included using photographs of places, artifacts, and unknown archeological sites, and accurately identifying and explaining the object. 

   While Albert was involved in this research he used several different gifts. Sochrometry or working with objects, and bilot reading or working with pictures.

   Albert Bowes was the principle psychic Dr. Jones used in these many tests. When Albert touched the artifact he was able to envision the environment the culture of the people and the general area it came from. He also usually could tell what the objects were used for.

   Other information that was said was what the people ate, looked like and possibly their health.  When Albert handled human bones more information came out as a description of the persons physical health, looks and even religious beliefs. This could be verified by where the artifacts were excavated and the research that was previously done on the artifacts. 

   Albert had a unique approach with the "double blind" experiment. He drew the contents of the boxes and drew and explained what the artifact was used for. Sometimes he could tell the emotion of the people associated with each artifact. 

   One of the more interesting research projects Albert was involved with, was located in Florida where there had been a natural spring. Different cultures at different times had been attracted to this spring and lived there. Albert was able to perceive the existence of these ancient people and was able to decipher artifacts that would be found and at what depth they would be found.

   Critics of this work claimed Albert guessed or read someone else's  mind, however this was proven to be untrue because even the archeologists were not aware of the artifacts found. Other critics opinion felt Albert's perception was to general. Albert told of a woman buried in the fetal position with a ball inside below a layer of sterile soil. When the students dug deeper they found a woman buried in the fetal position with a babies skull inside her.

   The book Visions of Time is in the process of being reprinted using only the results of the research with Albert.