Albert literally has a file cabinet full of thank-you letters, and letters of commendation from the people that he has worked with.  More of which will be making their way to our testimonials page in the future.


Dear Albert,

    For over eight years we have consulted with you concerning our business affairs.  The amount of information and its validity, over the years, has been astounding, to say the least. Decisions made, based on the information received from you, have been extremely profitable, and the results are far in excess of our expectations.



J. Anthony Fisher III



Leonard Smith, M.D., P.A.

General & Vascular Surgery

February 3, 1984

To whom it may concern:

    I have known Mr. Albert Bowes for approximately nine years. He has worked with me intermittently for the last three to four years as an independent consultant and in assisting with the counseling and diagnosing of my medical clients. In the future I am planning to employ Mr. Bowes as a professional hypnotist to continue assisting me with the management of my patients.

    If you have any questions with regard to Mr. Bowes' professional association with me in the past or future, please feel free to contact me.



1775 W. Hibiscus Blvd. Suite 301Melbourne, Fl 32901(407)984-1000 


June 24 1996,

Dear Albert;

Thank you again for taking time to join us on our June 24th "Mike and Tim" Show. The phones haven't stopped ringing since you left this morning!

Your insight into Parapsychology and psychic phenomenon's was informative, entertaining and, most of all, helpful to our listeners and the many callers you talked to on the phone. It was refreshing to hear a psychic inform callers that you were going to "shoot from the hip", and that you are not an "entertainment service".

If I can ever help in recommending you as a guest on other radio or television shows, or, please have them call me at the above phone numbers for any additional information they might need. If this letter isn't enough already.

Thanks again. We look forward to having you as a guest again soon.

Best Wishes,

Michael W. Lowe

"Mike and Tim In The Morning" WA1A-FM




October 29, 1979


Dear Rev. Bowes:

Thank you for your excellent lecture on the Practical Application of Psychic Abilities at the S.O.T.A. Series on October 24th 1979. The topic was both interesting and thought provoking. We have had several responses from the people attending the lecture. They found it most interesting.

We really appreciate your time and efforts on behalf of the S.O.T.A. Lecture Series and we wish you the best of luck with your new endeavors.


Joan Bennet



Unity Church 2000 South St. P.O. Box 1959 Titusville, Fl 32781


Dear Reverend Bowes:

    Thank you for your message, "We All Have Intuition", presented to our church yesterday.

This was the largest Sunday attendance within the last three months for our church. Many of those attending told me how exciting the service was for them.

We all believe you have a beautiful and beneficial gift to share. We are already planning a one day workshop to continue with your message of intuition.

I will be talking with you soon. If there's anything I can assist you with please do not hesitate to contact me.


Joe P. Calderwood

Board of Directors/Program Director


October 23, 1980

To the Persons Concerned,

    It has been my pleasure recently to become acquainted with Albert Bowes, and I would like to take this opportunity to recommend that you get to know him, too. He has a world of knowledge with which few of us are acquainted.

    In my capacity with the Reitz Union , I direct the leisure Course program which is, in effect, a community education program for the University of Florida. This fall over 2100 people enrolled in approximately 180 non-credit courses geared to teach people skills and knowledge which can be practiced and explored during their leisure. Last spring, I interviewed Albert to teach a course in Parapsychology, and I became interested enough in what he had to say to actually enroll in the course myself.

    As an instructor Albert is very motivated to educate and enlighten, and he puts much energy toward that end.  His motivation stems from the fact that his subject matter is often greatly misunderstood, scoffed and even poked fun at, and if people don't accept the existence of the knowledge which Albert is imparting, then they are, in fact, rejecting Albert.

    You see, Albert is a Psychic, and he is trying to teach people about himself and the psychic abilities he has. The trouble is, his abilities (and the many abilities he discusses which he personally does not possess) are not easily understood in Western, Scientific, rational minds. It is for this reason that Albert has devoted much of his life to researching psychic phenomena, to verification of the existence of psychic abilities and to the education of people about the vast body of knowledge which has not been previously explored.

    My recommendation to you is to listen to Albert Bowes and keep an open mind. If you find you can accept what he says to a degree, keep that mind open and get a psychic reading from him or another certified medium. If after you have received a reading, you are not convinced that you and I and most everyone you know are operating on a level far below an incredible human potential, then I feel sorry for your lack of vision. If you have been stirred by what you've experienced, then explore it further, and if you are in a position to let Albert expose what he knows - through the classroom, through the media, through whatever resources you have - the please do so, and allow others to realize the vast human potential in themselves.


Alan R. Collier

Assistant Program Director