The Legend of Sally and the Pink Stone


   One hundred and twenty-eight years ago, in a small family cemetery in the east bank of the muddy St Johns River in Orange Mills, Florida, a young girl was laid to rest beneath the mighty oak, pine and magnolia trees. Sally however was not resting in peace.

   Sarah Mays Call was just sixteen years old when she died tragically, while attending a private school for young ladies at Fernandina Beach in North Florida.

   The Author’s own psychic development and how she unraveled historical as well as paranormal events surrounding this true story of two individuals. Sally, who remained earthbound in this dimension of time, finally making contact with the other; Bart Peck, genius inventor and associate of Henry Ford. Peck was persuaded by Sally’s lonely spirit to leave home and family in Detroit, Michigan and, “Come to Florida,” she said, “I need you.” Barton, a practicing Spiritualist, eagerly followed her spirit voice to her unmarked grave in the little cemetery.

   Theirs was a truly unique and touching story and in 1928 after declaring he did not want to continue life with her in one realm of existence and he in another, he joined her in the life after life dimension.

   JoAnn entered the scene in 1972 when she was drawn from another town to the same spot on the St. Johns. Apparently she was also needed. The cemetery had been destroyed.