Russian Trip Lecture with Slide Presentation


   In 1986, Albert was invited to participate with a group of Americans in a trip to the USSR. This trip had the duel intent of acquainting Americans and their Russian peers with how their lives and work environments differed and to promote personal understanding of each other.

   Albert had the unique opportunity of working in parapsychology research laboratories.

   In other locations he learned some unique techniques for meditation and hypnotism.

   In their leisure time, they not only visited the Kremlin and other Russian historical sites but were invited into the homes of their new friends. Both experiences were very enlightening.

   Albertís slides show Russian life prior to the fall of the Berlin wall and some of the people who helped to make that possible.

   Albertís trip was a rare opportunity to visit in a time and place that has now become part of history.

Come and spend a fascinating evening with Albert !


Sathya Sai Baba Lecture with Slide Presentation



   Over the past, thirty-five years Albert has traveled to many places to observe and study many religious leaders. One of these journeys was to India to visit Sathya Sai Baba.

   In preparation for this trip, Albert spent many months reading and studying the Sai Baba history.

   Albertís object in studying and observing any subject is to do so from an open minded position without prejudice. It was in this manner that he arrived in Puttaparti, India.

   This lecture is about the Sai Baba history, Sathya Sai Baba and the Sai Baba prophecy. Albertís trip itself was one full of amazing events that started to happen the moment the trip was planned. These events did not cease until several days after Albert returned to his home in Cassadaga, Florida. This final event was an unexpected surprise.

   Albertís slides are not only interesting but show India as it was early in Sathya Sai Babaís career. People who are planning or hoping to go to India will find the comparison to India today very informative.


Could you use Albert to solve a mystery in your life- 

A missing family member or object?



   Albert Bowes has done some very interesting things:

   One of them is working with the police to investigate missing persons and murder cases. One of the murder cases was one that occurred near Disney World in Florida. Another exciting adventure that entailed using a sea-plane and a Zodiac raft, to find a lost body that had been thrown off of a large sail boat which was also missing.

   Albertís unique gifts give authorities information from conventional sources. The accuracy that Albert provides has brought successful conclusion to these and other cases.

   In an evening both entertaining and interesting, Albert tells about his experiences both in the USA and other countries.

   Come join Albert for a pleasurable evening and a chance to talk personally with Albert.




   Albert has studied Astrology since he was fifteen years old. He has been a professional astrologer for the past twenty years. 

  Albert's education in astrology is unique because he studied under several teachers that had been professional astrologers their entire lives. The information they taught included a lifetimes worth of insight. Some of this knowledge is no longer available. 


For people who have a knowledge of Astrology 

   Many astrology professionals have said that Albert has the ideal chart to be an astrologer: sun sign Sagittarius (philosopher/teacher), moon conjunct Neptune in the first house in Libra (intuitive magnet/strong ability to balance the facts), Mercury in Scorpio (researcher of unseen mysteries/ intuitive perception/strong diagnostic abilities), Uranus in Gemini right on the mid heaven (unique approaches to tasks/signifies Master Astrologer).

   Albert combines his special psychic gifts to interpret charts by combining his gifts with his extensive knowledge of astrology and reincarnation. This offers a past life overview of why your soul picked this life. Parents personal gifts are circumstances in your life that provide understanding and growth so that we can all recognize what our advantages are in this life and how to accomplish them by using what we have brought into this life.

   In this lecture, Albert furnishes a basic natal chart to be used in the lecture as a learning tool. This lecture is a fun experience in which the interaction of the students aids them in the learning process.

   More in-depth lectures are available. Please call Albert for further information.


Personal Readings

Preparation For the Reading

   One of the techniques developed by Albert to maintain his remarkable focus and precision is a pre-reading consultation.

The Purpose 

   To provide clients with the best possible reading. This encounter prepares the client and Albert. The client will get the opportunity to get to know Albert, understand how the reading works, and ask questions pertaining to the process. In this manner, the client will relax which allows Albert to tune in via the personís voice and to read more accurately. It also builds confidence and trust in the client.


   Which are commonly asked about the general nature of the reading should be expressed at this time. It is important that questions or information relating to the questions should not be discussed before the reading has begun; Albert is in a meditative state, this interrupts and interferes with the reading.

Examples of questions