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Books with or about Albert

   The book "Visions of Time"  By Dr. David Jones, was written largely about Albert.  You can click the above link for more information.

   "The Legend of Sally and the Pink Marble Stone", by Joann Ducote Smith.


Scheduled Lectures & Seminars

   Albert's lecture schedule is currently being updated, his new calendar should be posted soon.

   If you are interested in receiving lecture updates, send us your Email address and you will be advised as lectures are scheduled in your area.

   If you would like Albert to give a Lecture or Seminar for your group or organization, you can contact his office by phone or email for his availability.  Due to his extensive research and teaching experience, there are many topics which he can present on.

   To learn more about some of the Seminars and Lectures he has offered, you can click here.


Astrological Charts

   In addition to his psychic gifts, Albert can also offer Astrological readings for his clients.

   The following is a list of some of the Astrological charts he can calculate. 

Natal: This basic chart shows all essential astrological information, and comes with a brief interpretation. This basic chart is a color wheel and a printed description of an astrological interpretation in a small booklet form.

Advanced Natal: The advanced natal is 25-30 pages of in-depth information. The detail will amaze and impress you. There are several levels of quality available in the art wheels. The highest level is a beautiful fine art variety available in a matte finish or in a glossy photograph variety both suitable for framing. The wheels are shown superimposed onto one of our 30 designs and in various colors. Patterns of wheels are selectable. You may discuss your personal choices with Albert.

Relocation: You are furnished with actual maps that focus on the best locations for different areas of life. There are 5 maps available: love/romance, vocation/career, friendship/family, imagination/inspiration, and excitement/instability.  These maps can provide you with important information to guide you in your choices. 

Compatibility: Use this chart to avoid weaknesses in relationships and to strengthen the relationship potential. This report is available in either romantic or non-romantic relationships. It discovers the most significant issues and offers insights on how to handle problems. It also offers suggestions on how to appreciate each other more.

Forecast: This report is 25-30 pages of information given on a day to day basis reflecting the astrological influences of each day.  A daily interpretation is given based on the strongest aspects for that day. The time period covered is approximately one month.

Child Report: All parents need to understand their child; each child is different. All children have specific needs, potentials, talents, problems, issues of health, parents, friends, and school. This report gives parents a view of these things from the child's inherent astrological influences. 

Adult Report: This is an advanced natal chart in direct language and a comprehensive approach to the chart it analyzes issues important to adults. This report is 20-25 pages.

Vocational: A report which guides the client in finding a vocation or profession suitable to their personal abilities. It also shows their strengths and potentials in these areas. The language is clear and direct: approximately 10-13 pages.

*Please contact Albert for information on Astrological prices*

(386) 228-3209



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