Albert has studied Astrology since he was fifteen years old. He has been a professional astrologer for the past twenty years. 

   Albert's' education in astrology is unique because he studied under several teachers that had been professional astrologers their entire lives. The information they taught included a lifetimes worth of insight. Some of this knowledge is no longer available. 


For people who have a knowledge of astrology 

Many Astrology Professionals have said that Albert has the ideal chart to be an Astrologer: 

   Albert combines his special Psychic gifts to interpret charts by combining his gifts with his extensive knowledge of astrology and reincarnation.  This offers a past life overview of why your soul picked this life.  

   Parents personal gifts are circumstances in your life that provide understanding and growth so that we can all recognize what our advantages are in this life and how to accomplish them by using what we have brought into this life.


Services offered

Lectures:  For professional astrologers or personal use, Albert's own unique interpretation of astrology.

Classes: Classes follow the same format of a lecture however offer considerably more information, insight, and interpretation. They offer the student a chance to discuss astrology in a personal setting with Albert. That includes the students personal chart.



Natal: Basic natal chart showing essential information.

Advanced Natal: More specific and expanded information.

Relocation: Guidelines showing your best areas for living, jobs, and/or vacations.

Compatibility: Your relationships with the people around you.

Forecast: A detailed report showing day to day astrological influences.

Child Report: Especially for parents focusing on issues, needs, talents, possible, problems, health, and compatibility. A very important chart for parents.

Adult Report: Analyzes issues in marriage, sexuality, and others important to adults.

Vocational: Guides the client in finding their most satisfying vocation/ profession with an analysis of personal indicators. 

   The listing above is for simple charts. Deluxe charts are sent to the client in an expandable booklet form to which material maybe added. All of these charts are available in picture quality artistic, colorful print form that are suitable for framing. By combining your chart with these artistic prints, you will have a one of a kind print. There is only one you!


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